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Add more value to your home
Posted: January 10, 2019 by Amy Wood



Enjoy your home more today – and sell it for the best price tomorrow.



                When it comes to home improvement, some dollars stretch more than others. And if you are on a limited budget, it becomes even more important to spend those dollars wisely. Here are seven home improvement projects that will help you enjoy you home more today and provide excellent financial return.

 #1           Add the Finishing Touch of Molding

   Crown molding makes rooms seem both bigger and taller. It’s an elegant addition to any home.

#2           Hang Quality Ceiling Fans

   If your ceiling fans are old and outdated, new ones (coupled with fresh paint and crown molding) can give your rooms a refreshing update.

#3           Plant some Trees

  Say what? Adding trees doesn’t instantly pop into your head when you think of adding value to your home. But trees are money makers that get better with age.

#4           Install a Deck or Pati

   But don’t go crazy and trick out your outdoor space with high end amenities, like an outdoor kitchen. Instead, keep it simple and functional to see a return or investment.

#5          Upgrade Your Insulation

   It’s not as sexy as a kitchen remodel, but it doesn’t cost a much either. Plus, you will save all year long on your utility bills.

#6           Add Some Creative Storage

  Adding storage is a no-brainer, but it does take a little brainpower to find your home’s hidden storage.

#7           Install Landscape Lighting

  Exterior light makes your home shine in the evening, accents features you like most about your house and keeps burglars way.


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